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Creating Healthy Habits for  Healthy Weight - Register» October 11 from 1 - 2 pm CDT Identify your personal definition of "healthy weight," learn tips for developing healthy weight habits, learn strategies to help improve weight loss and create an action plan to get started.   Watch recordings of previous events here.

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It Pays to Be Prepared

Saving for a Rainy Day Car repair? Flooded basement? A child’s last-minute school trip? Unplanned and unavoidable expenses can easily derail your family’s budget and even your retirement plan, causing long-term financial damage. But, even a modest emergency fund can go a long way when financial surprises come your way. […]

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Stay Desk-Healthy

Avoiding Health Hazards at Your Desk Computers have transformed our lives and the way businesses operate, and more people find themselves sitting at a desk, staring at a screen all day. But, over time, working at a computer can strain your health and lead to more serious, costly conditions if left unattended. […]

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Rebound from Life’s Challenges

Relief is a Call or Click Away Established in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Cox Employee Relief Fund (CERF) has a mission to assist employees and their immediate families impacted by life’s setbacks. […]

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Safety First

Expect the Unexpected Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so it’s important to plan how you will contact one another and how you will respond in different situations to ensure everyone is on the same page when the time comes. […]

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Assess Your Assets

Protecting Your Family and Your Estate From designating caregivers for young children and reducing tax burdens to preventing lengthy court proceedings, an estate plan is crucial to protecting both your assets and your family’s relationships after your death. […]

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Love and Money

Stay True to Your Financial Vows Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Relationship Even if you’re in good financial shape, how money is handled can be a touchy subject in a relationship. And, when expenses exceed income, the difficulty of meeting (or not meeting) financial obligations can create high levels of stress and tension. […]

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Relationships Matter

Build Your Inner Circle Life is not always easy. Stumbling blocks and obstacles are bound to come up along the way. So, who do you turn to when you need help with life’s challenges? […]

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Sleep in a Snap

Tips and Techniques to Help You Fall Asleep We’ve all been there, lying in bed wide awake. And, even though our busy day leaves us feeling exhausted after dinner, we sometimes still find it difficult to actually fall asleep once our head hits the pillow. Follow these quick tips that will help you fall asleep faster. […]

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Don’t Break the Bank

Tips for a Frugal Vacation Our time away from work is precious, especially when we can spend it with our family and loved ones.  And, while it’s easy to over-spend on vacations, don’t put yourself in debt or ignore your budget when traveling. Consumer advocate and Cox colleague Clark Howard has a lot to say about saving money the next time you go away. […]

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