Teaching Children the Value of Money and Generosity

Kindness is contagious. No matter what form it takes, practicing acts of kindness and generosity can lighten the soul, inspire others and renew our faith in humanity. And no matter how big or small the act, by making a conscious effort to do good, we set a compelling example for our children to follow.

Here are a few easy ways to encourage kindness and generosity in kids.
  • Volunteer as a family. Find something that everyone can participate in and start a family tradition of giving back. Whether it’s serving meals at a soup kitchen, stocking shelves at a food pantry or delivering meals to the sick or elderly, your kids will discover how good it feels to serve others.
  • Participate in community fundraisers. Pick a cause that’s close to your heart and chances are there’s a walk or run associated with it. Form a team with your family and encourage your kids to solicit support and participation from family, friends and neighbors. Think lemonade stands, bake sales and car washes. Your kids will see how their involvement can inspire others to give and join the effort.
  • Donate blood. There’s always a need and always a blood drive nearby. Even if your children aren’t old enough to donate, if they see you give on a regular basis, they’ll be more inspired to do the same when they’re able. Plus, many organizations often provide incentives to donate blood — such as gift cards or tickets to a local sports game — that you can share with your family.
  • Replace one or more holiday gifts with a donation to a charity. As a family, select a charity and discuss how your donation will help others. You may even decide to volunteer your time and talent at the same organization.
  • Involve your children in gift selection. Whether it’s for a needy family, a friend or even a sibling, let your children help pick out gifts for others so they can feel included in the act of generosity.
  • Be spontaneous and have fun. Consider baking cookies with your children and anonymously sharing them with school staff, or give a cup of coffee or a sandwich to the homeless person you pass every day. Your spontaneity will spread like wildfire.

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By: Magellan