Power of Positive Psychology

When you wake up each morning, what is the first thing you do? Maybe you robotically check your phone, walk sleepily to that first cup of coffee, rush to catch a 6 a.m. workout class or get the kids up for school. Maybe it’s a combination of all those activities. However, something few of us do is practice a positive mindset.

There are more than a few books, articles, podcasts and webinars (like this TED Talk) that discuss the power of positive psychology, but what exactly is it? According to the Positive Psychology Center, it is the scientific study of the strengths that enable people and communities to thrive — based on the belief that people want to lead fulfilling lives; to cultivate what is best within them; and to enhance their experiences of love, work and play.

What Cox employees have to say on the subject:

But, why take only the textbook definition for it? We asked a few positivity gurus at Cox for their thoughts on the subject.

  • Richard Cox, VP, client performance advising, Cox Automotive
    The more I consciously practice gratitude, the better I feel emotionally, spiritually and physically! I have a gratitude jar at home with sticky notes, and I try to write down things I’m grateful for on a regular basis.
  • Tiffany Williams, internal communications coordinator, Cox Automotive
    Gratitude is an act, an action that is practiced every day. I repeat affirmations to myself every morning, such as “Today, I practice forgiveness. Today, I practice gratefulness. Today, I practice mindfulness.” I repeat this out loud until I feel like I believe it wholeheartedly. Similarly, I set a “this week’s focus,” which helps me identify three things that I would like to accomplish in my personal and professional life.
  • Erin McMillan, AVP, customer operations, Cox Automotive
    To me, feeling and expressing gratitude is a daily reminder that I can always choose my reaction to events. Choosing how I react has given me so much power — no one “makes” me feel or do anything, only I can do that, and that is hugely empowering. The moment I take control of my reaction, I find I’m already way ahead of the game. And when I need a quick boost of positivity, there is always someone to whom I can sincerely express gratitude — and seeing how a simple and specific thank you can lift others inevitably brightens my day.

Five Tips to Jumpstart Positive Thinking

So what can you do to start thinking more positively by way of practicing gratitude? We summed up the tips from our team members above:

  1. Say thank you. You will uplift others and yourself in the process.
  2. Start a gratitude jar or journal. Write down things you are grateful for on a regular basis.
  3. Help someone with a challenge. Sometimes helping others puts your own challenges into perspective and makes them easier to tackle.
  4. Start your morning with affirmations. Repeat them to yourself out loud to get into a positive mindset. This is also a way of practicing mindfulness.
  5. Choose your reaction to events. You have the power to react a certain way—no one can make you feel a certain way.

We Have a (FREE) Webinar for That!

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Take Advantage of Counseling

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By: Brooke Murray, senior communications specialist for Cox Automotive, Atlanta, Ga.