Mindfulness and Meditation

At Cox, we’re interested in mindfulness as a practice to help build focus, awareness and resilience. The definition of mindfulness is: being present, on purpose, without judgment. Mindfulness is a practice that is scientifically proven to help with stress and anxiety. Below are a few resources to help you learn more about mindfulness or deepen an existing practice.

Unsure about meditation? Watch this special visit to Cox from ABC News anchor and New York Times Bestselling Author Dan Harris, a self-proclaimed fidgety skeptic.

How to Meditate by Dan Harris

  1. Sit comfortably, with your back upright.
  2. Focus your full attention on the feeling of your breath coming in and going out.
  3. Bring your attention back to your breath. You don’t have to clear your mind; getting lost and coming back is the whole game.

Eckhart Tolle at Cox. Frequent Oprah guest and best-selling author Eckhart Tolle visited the Cox Campus in November 2015. Watch his session here.

Tips, coloring print outs and more. Our partner in health, Aetna, is also interested in mindfulness. They frequently post tips, meditations and more resources on their tumblr page.

Looking for an app? These are all available on iOS in the Apple App Store and on Android in the Google Play store.

  • Buddhify ($4.99): custom-made for wherever you are and whatever you’re doing – traveling, at work, at home, going to sleep and much more. Choose what you’re doing from the activity wheel and buddhify recommends guided meditations ranging from 5 – 15 minutes that relate to your activity.
  • Insight Timer (free): offers both guided meditations and a meditation timer.
  • Headspace (free): great for beginners, app provides instruction through 10-minute guided meditation sessions.
  • Calm (free): allows users to select background and scenery, set a timer and relax for a few minutes. Calm consists of a “Seven Steps to Calm” guide as well as its seaside offerings. This app is perfect for folks who are seeking a peaceful break throughout the day.