Mind on Your Money, Money on Your Mind

Many people overlook the impact of money on their wellbeing. From not knowing how much you need for emergencies, to where your money is going or how to focus on your finances, your relationship with money is complicated.

7 Reasons to Focus on Your Relationship With Money

  1. We cannot change what we refuse to confront.
  2. If you don’t look at your relationship with money, you won’t have clarity around money that you have today.
  3. Financial freedom is not about having more money.
  4. The more you start paying attention to your relationship with money, you’ll look at the relationship with yourself differently.
  5. There is no time like the present.
  6. There is enough for everyone – money is not a competition.
  7. Denial doesn’t work.

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Our relationship with money is complicated and can be burdensome. When faced with pivotal financial moments, like an empty checking account or a large financial investment, our mindful attitudes can quickly vanish. Think of this three-part practice to help improve your relationship with money.

  • Look inside – think about your unique money story and how it’s expressed in your life. Our “money baggage” can become default settings that control our financial lives.
  • Look outside – there are many financial remedies and prescriptions coming at us externally. These “solutions” may be too narrow for your life and reinforce the status quo instead of encouraging us to question the assumptions behind them.
  • Look at the whole picture – Money is more than dollars. Currency comes in the form of time, energy and love. Find out what matters to you by looking at what you do with these precious resources.

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