Know your numbers event in Phoenix, AZ may have saved my life. I saw in 12 months 2013 to 2014 my sugar levels triple, my cholesterol elevate, and my blood pressure elevate. Strange thing, I didn’t gain weight, felt fine but my eyesight was declining which I chalked up to getting older. Not so said my doctor, not so said every article I read, post Know your numbers. I was headed down a scary path to either heart disease or diabetes which I may already have had.
But because of the Know your Numbers event, I was able to drastically change my life style and get more active. 1 year later I drug free, off doctors care and looking for a good result at this years event. While I will need to manage how I treat my body, as everyone should, going forward my situation could have had a different ending. Thank you Cox Wellness for such a life changing program.